my writing

read me, enjoy me, learn to love me


my writing

my writing is modern poetry; 
romantic, gashing, brutally honest, minimalistic, clever & personal.
sometimes awkward to read but always reflecting humour and
making you want more.

i use my creativity and imagination
to make my life successful and interesting
so i have something to
write about. 


my writing is best enjoyed in a book.
since each poem tells a part of a story.

i write in english and finnish. this site will only present the english writing. 
finnish is a guilty pleasure to master the most complicated language
bend it to my needs. 


read me

my art needs to be read as a book to see the story of poems combined. 
so i've decided not to share any out of context. 

write your email below and hit the magic button and my book of poetry finds your email.

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