my story

my story


about me

just me
first and foremost i’m a lover of life, may it be
beauty of a young muse or the sharp mind of an adult
tailoring from italy or england
feeding the hungry or the guilty
living the success or failure of business
i enjoy it all, embrace it. 
i'm not normal you r weird.


as a author i’m a raw wine, developing
to greatness. an exceptional vintage
that’s reveals a hint of potential now
while peaking within the next 15 years. 
enjoyable from now as often as possible. 
first published 10 years ago, in finnish. 

to keep a distance to myself
i write under the mononym E2.
accept and respect that. 


the story


we all have a past, we're all born somewhere,
have dead or alive parents.
most of us have a job, a interesting or boring one.
there is nothing interesting nor unique about u.. 

i've been tormented by normal people my whole life,
enjoyed their tears of pain on my success.
found a cure called don't give a fuck what others think. 
only doing things that make me happy.
there one can find
true success and happiness. 


i could do anything. i choose to write.
people do not read poetry, because well generally it's shit.

i know for a fact thousands of people will enjoy my writing.
only way to learn and improve is to write and publish.
you can join me on the journey
making of the modern poet
a voice of a generation.


i am a well known poet, translated into several languages.
hated and loved not giving a shit nor a fuck what normal people think..
just living my success, writing and enjoying innocence of my muse.