my books

each book tells a story
with poems 



not just a writer. also create the books
like a mental pervert i hold on to the details from content to cover design.
i do hardcover books and digital delivery my self trough patreon.
rest of the publishing and translation rights are sold to other publishers.

my writing

my books are chapters of my life
the poems come together and tell a story. 
each one, a masterpiece of its time
part of my past.
50 to 150 pages i only needed
to control your emotions as i wish. 

each book

beautiful covers, always
999 hard cover books only made
each one signed and shipped by me
1-99 numbered copies to patrons
digital copies ship ~month after hardcover.
publishing 2 books a year. 

the next book

will be delivered to you in december if you signed up in october
i publish a hardcover poetry book twice a year (yes i’m that awesome).
digital books published around a month after hardcover. 

a beautiful love story
the 1st chapter of many. each chapter is a book. 
first one tells a brutal but beautiful love story
of insane lust and love like nothing before.
that flame burns
so bright it blinds from reality. 
finally, i can feel again
love again.

everyone knows it won’t last
but we are beautiful
let's enjoy each other
while it lasts.
altho u have a secret
that i know
it makes everything
too complicated.


published books


june 2017
my second book in finnish language. 
pakko rakastaa means must love or can't help it, i just have to love.



my first poetry book was published 10 years ago.

i'll have it republished one day.
it shows the beginnings of me a creating of my style.

when my journey finds a destination i'll share the full journey.