be my muse

muse, a beautiful reason to write.

when has normal or average accomplished anything? 
a muse makes a writer write.

be my muse.jpg

be my muse

the more fucked up and/or crazy u r
greater my torment and the stronger the emotions
the more perfect i can imagine u
the greater the happiness

all simply ending up in better writing.

honestly i don't give a fuck
if u r single or married
with or without kids..
lost our found yourself
don't care who u fuck nor don't fuck..
thats your life, not mine nor ours.

what we have is just ours
no one will ever understand it.

be beautiful inside out

there is nothing more sexy than intelligence
that fascination lasts forever
as time takes away your innocence
and gravity your self-esteem.

i will always
feed u well, marinate you in good and great wine
worship your youth and beauty while it lasts
love your mind forever and if it’s possible
write poem or a book of u, my beloved muse.

there is no distance
that can’t be adventured. 




feel free to send me a message.
lets share a few bottles of wine and see if we are interesting to each other.